Dynamic Layouts & Data Visualization

Whether it is about customer support, tutoring, contract signing, patient monitoring, remote drone operations or multiplayer gaming, users can assign participants to specific video positions and present media sources - all in one interface.

Flexible video layouts for individual configurations

The default layout configurations are set to auto-moderation, single, two, four, and nine participants. eyeson added two additional layout configurations to assist specific use cases with a 6+1 and 6+2 arrangement that brings speakers and presenters to the main virtual stage.

eyeson's powerful API makes it possible to assign users to a specific video position while retaining a particular layout pre-configuration. If you choose a default without activating auto-moderation, the free spots will not be filled and you can use them to show some background using the media inject feature.

Customize video layouts in real-time

eyeson’s Single Stream Technology enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video & audio stream allowing each association to configure their own layout.


Layout for Medical Management

  • Live Media: Ultrasound, MRT, Live Monitoring
  • Live Data: Patient Records, Test Results, Insurance
  • Live Participants: Medical Staff, Doctors, Patients
  • Example Use Case: 24 hours patient monitoring

Layout for Multiplayer Gaming

  • Live Media: Up to 9 parallel Screencasts
  • Live Data: Team Ranking & Results, Player Informations
  • Live Participants: Gamers, Tutors
  • Example Use Case: Multiplayer Teamplay Support

Layout for Drone Applications

  • Live Media: Live Drone Video, IP surveillance camera
  • Live Data: GPS Map, Weather Information, Local Information
  • Live Participants: Remote Team, Local Firefighters, ...
  • Example Use Case: Command & Control for Public Safety

Layout for Customer Support

  • Live Media: Live Mobile Video, Tutorial Videos, Recorded Sessions
  • Live Data: Instructions, User Manuals, Technical Data Files
  • Live Participants: Support Agents, Clients
  • Example Use Case: Troubleshooting with Live Video

What makes eyeson different?

It is the Single Stream Technology that allows for all video feeds, data, and media to be processed into one single interface towards the user. All incoming sources are blended in the custom layout with the possibility to add media in different layers.

Using layouts you can choose to place participants on custom positions in the video or to switch back to auto mode. Change the video layout without the need for client-side update.


Using layers you can use background and foreground images that directly get part of the video stream. Specify layers, positions and sizes for live data source injection.

Besides image data, you can also playback videos or use an external media stream.


Data visualization for your individual solution

Show any content inside your video using the eyeson API or eyeson JS. There are currently four ways to achieve this.

1 | Text Insert

Show simple text message inserts using the insert parameter. For example, listen for tweets in a separate service and display them in the stream.

2 | Image Overlay

Generate an image and either upload the image or provide a public URL. For overlaying images just use a PNG with transparent background.

3 | Playback Video

Insert MP4 videos that are available through a public URL. The video can replace the current stream of a specific user or the full screen.

4 | External Stream

Use eyeson-js to inject your own media stream. Draw on a canvas & capture its stream. This can be a simple drawing board or even an online game.

Transparent All-in-One Pricing
Independent of the number of participants and features, we charge only based on the duration of the meeting.