Prebuilt User Interface

Use our default web user interface with plenty of customization options for a quick start. However, if the provided options do not fit your needs you can easily build your own interface.

prebuilt video meeting UI

Integrated within minutes

Get to know our prebuilt UI


A single request to our API service can start a video session. eyeson server responds always include a link to our prebuilt & ready-to-use UI.
As a developer, you can use this UI free of charge, customize it, and include it in your solution.

  • Use the default UI to shorten development time
  • Platform independent
  • Fully maintained
  • Familiar look & feel

Fully-featured GUI – at no extra charge

Receive a link to the GUI containing a unique access key after starting a new meeting with your API-key. This grants access to the eyeson meeting room. Configure the availability of features like broadcast, recording, gif-reactions, chat, lock and customize the exit URL and the logo.

Hide/Show participants

Use screen casting/presentations

Enable broadcasting/streaming

Synchronized view ("all see the same")

Set custom video layout

Set custom positioning of participants 

Set back-/foreground layer per video frame

Cloud-based snapshots & recording

Experience it yourself

Get comfortable with eyeson video meetings

eyeson not only offers an API, we also provide a standalone video meeting solution. Feel free to sign up and experience all eyeson features before building your own. We've also prepared some interactive demos for you to see what's possible with eyeson API.  

Unlimited flexibility

Build it your way

The eyeson web UI is fully packed with features and optimized for a great user experience. However, you might want to create your own look and feel at some point. This can be easily done as we provide a convenient JavaScript package to help you build a user interface that fits all your needs.

Quickstart with JavaScript package

Avoid the tricky parts with the help of our provided JavaScript package including many helpers that save time and money like a device manager or a feature detector.

Easily integrated into your products

Using a custom UI you have no limits on controlling the look and feel of your video sessions. Additionally, it can be integrated seamlessly into any existing solution.


Seamlessly integrate real-time video & audio into native apps

With our Android SDK and iOS SDK, you can save time by integrating vital app functions quickly and reliably.

Android SDK

Android SDK for eyeson video service including demo app


iOS SDK for eyeson video service including demo app

Android SDK and iOS SDK