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European Union Eureka Celtic Next Cluster Project: VERDO-6G

Video Enabled Real-Time Drone Operations in 6G

The EU's Eureka Celtic Next Cluster is a program supporting transnational 6G telecom research projects. Based in Germany, this initiative adopts a bottom-up approach, with its office selecting outstanding projects for national funding.

About the

13.10.2023: VERDO-6G (C2023/1-17), ‘Video Enabled Real-time Drone Operations in 6G’ was approved and received the label in full from the EU Celtic-Next Cluster office. With a budget of just under 5 M €, the project starts in spring 2024 and runs for 3 years.


Enhancing Drone Technology within Video Communication Workflows

VERDO-6G aims to enhance drone technology within video communication workflows using current telecom infrastructure and preparing for 6G. It targets the integration of drone operations with video conferencing to facilitate better remote decision-making. The project will develop and test innovative technologies to address these issues, such as cloud-based solutions for stable drone-video integration, while preparing for the benefits of 6G, like higher data rates and lower latency.
An in-depth analysis will determine how 6G can revolutionize drone operations, focusing on advanced localization, optimized communication, and seamless single-stream video services utilizing ultra-high data rates, extremely low latency, and massive device density. Advanced capabilities will include remote collaboration, AI-based services and XR/VR/AR integrated drone operations.

Real-life Use Cases
for Video-enabled
Drone Operations

The project will focus on real-life use cases for video-enabled drone operations with 2 use cases being included from the start:

1  |  First responder and public safety applications
2  |  Semi-autonomous industrial and infrastructure inspection

Real users from both use cases will be included in the evaluation and verification of prototypes. 

The Project Consortium

The project will focus on identifying and evaluating new applications for video-enabled drone operations and developing strategies to leverage 6G technology. Currently, it includes 12 partners from 6 countries:

ATeyeson GmbH

Project Initiator and Coordinator: eyeson one view unifies live data, docs, audio and video in custom layouts for effective communication. Besides acting as coordinator of the consortium, eyeson will contribute the video technology that will unify data from all sources and different silos into a common video stream that can be processed with AI services and distributed easily to all participants including mobile users.

beyond vision
PTBeyond Vision

Beyond Vision focuses on industrial drones for professional and industrial applications, both multirotor and VTOL, and respective accessories for a multitude of customized solutions, including AI services. In Verdo-6G we plan to help showcase the advantages of the usage of the powerful drone/6G combination and we feel that we are in a good position to do so as we were one of the first to integrate 5G on our drones natively.

dronemajor group
UKDroneMajor Group

DroneMajor Group is a leading market analyst and consultant for drone use-cases and applications. DroneMajor will contribute by making a consultative assessment of the likely use cases that are realised with the advancement of the technology and solution, and associated market places.


ElSight delivers absolute connection confidence for drones and other unmanned systems, using AI to combine various channels, including satellite and radio, into an optimized virtual connection. Elsight's contribution to the project was to collect relevant information throughout the meeting and display it on the screen in real time. It will also develop a tool to provide short-term predictions regarding the reception and connection quality.

helix geospace
UKHelix Geospace

Helix provides pioneering antenna-based solutions and systems for resilient, precision PNT & satellite communications. Helix will focus on the localization of drones and optimized communication in difficult environments.

Grupo TSK

TSK is a leading business group in engineering development and the supply of facilities founded in 1986. Specialised in Big Data and AI TSK has completed several major international R&D projects. TSK will focus on video processing with AI and on developing a prototype system for using VR and AR to use and control drones.

koala tech
PTKoala Tech

KT counts on its long experience on RF amplification that includes patented technology on high-frequency energy-efficient amplifiers for wireless networks. The company intends to contribute to Verdo-6G to enhance the efficiency in the wireless communications between the drones and the ground stations.


PDMFC has been developing cybersecurity for advanced wireless networks for some of the leading mobile operators in the world. Within VERDO-6G the company plans to extend its expertise in cybersecurity to the 6G world, a natural development in its roadmap.

Swansea University
UKSwansea University

Swansea University’s Cybersecurity Research Group scientists have been making contributions on security and privacy of personal data, on cyberterrorism and cyber-crime, on mobile security and more. Swansea’s strategic importance to the project is to develop secure and trustworthy remote drone identification platforms that enhance communication security and privacy for drone communication


Supporting Partner: Deutsche Telekom AG's Open Telekom Cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service offering from the public cloud. It is based on open-source OpenStack technology and is operated in accordance with GDPR data protection standards. Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) operates as an IaaS provider in the context of the project. As a cloud-based infrastructure, all ongoing activities will be rolled out on it.

Univ. Lusófona
PTUniversidade Lusófona

Univ. Lusófona relies on its strong expertise in handling AI solutions for drone’ applications to be able to contribute to this project. The department that will collaborate in Verdo-6G has several researchers with a long history in developing and using AI algorithms for localization, detection, tracking and collision avoidance.

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