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Eyeson for Stream Deck

Design & Control Calls via your Stream Deck

Build and operate Omnimedia real-time communication with an Elgato Stream Deck. It has never been easier to adapt the call to the content.



The Eyeson Control Plugin

We are pretty sure Elgato already told you how to install the plug-in. You will find a short description of the buttons here on this page. After you install the Plugin, you will need to activate it.


Stream Deck Actions

All Functions Explained

The plugin offers call and layout controls, displaying button states upon stream deck connection at call start. Integrate Eyeson into multi-action sequences for scene enhancement, allowing background setting, layout mapping, overlay addition, and playback initiation with one keypress.

audio_action Mute Toggle Mute and unmute your microphone.  
video_action Video toggle Turn your camera on and off.  
join_action Join or Leave Meeting Enter/Leave the call instantly.  
record_action Start/Stop recording Start/stop the recording of the call.  
stream_action Start/Stop broadcast Configure the RTMP URL, key and Public URL to start streaming.  
playback_action Start/Stop Playback Play an mp4, WebM or mp3 file.  
screenshare_action Start/Stop screenshare Share your screen in 3 different modes.  
present_action Start/Stop file presentation Present a local image, video or pdf.  
layout_action Set Layout Configure & start a predefined layout.  
layout_map_action Set Layout Map Create your own layout.  
branding_action Watermark Put a logo on the call.  
layer_action Set Layer Define foreground/background layer.  
layer_all_remove_action Clear Layer Remove one or all layers.  
virtual_background_action Start/Stop virtual background Select a predefined virtual background.  
reaction_default_action Reaction Set a reaction type and play GIF.  
chat_action Chat message Send a defined chat message.  
snapshot_action Snapshot Take snapshot of what everybody sees.  
lock_meeting Lock Meeting Prevent new participants from joining.  
mute_all_action Mute all Mute everybody, except yourself.  
guest_action Copy guestlink Copy a guestlink for a new participant or source.  
api_action Create Meeting (API) Create a meeting with your API key.  
rtsp_action Ghost RTSP client (API) Create an RTSP client with your API key or a guest link.  
rtmp_action Ghost RTMP server (API) Create an RTMP server with your API key or guest link.  
Design & Control
20+ Actions
Adaptable to any situation
The Story

Build Omnimedia Real-Time Communication Fast

Our idea for a Stream Deck Plugin came from building prototypes and demos. We realized that having a no-code / low-code solution to build a custom call would be a great idea. With the Streamdeck plugin, most of the things that our customers and we wanted worked straight out of the box.

When you design with your head in the details, you can easily lose sight of the process and how single scenes fit together. This plugin gave us more time to focus on the bigger picture and to tinker with more things that could be added to the calls. 

  • Create custom layouts
  • Add sources – even RTSP and RTMP
  • Design with foreground and background elements
  • Assign speakers always to the same spot
  • Share documents without sharing your screen
  • Build your own sound- and/or GIF board

It's your turn to build & style your Eyeson One View

Get your Eyeson Stream Deck Plugin now and see how convenient it is for controlling your sessions.


Stream Deck for Eyeson Plugin

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