Add Live Video to Your Financial Services

eyeson fits your specific digital workflows with seamless integration into CRM. Support agents and customers with secure and highly effective video communication – even in low bandwidth

SIMPLE API integration

 Adaptable to any use case with a predefined web frontend 


Merge live media, data & participants into a single interface


Video streams are mixed on the server - handling up to 100 participants

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device – desktop and mobile

Web-based API Integration

Integrate real-time video into your digital workflows for full customer engagement

A seamless integration allows data visualisation and continuous eye contact with the clients to raise productivity, lower costs and achieve faster time to market. Achieve better and more productive customer engagement. 

Guided workflow with face-to-face live video


eyeson helps create a sense of trust and connection between the parties involved in business transactions that are essential for decision-making.
Video conferencing as an integrated function keeps employees and agents efficient and productive.

  • Live video chat integrated into the workflow
  • Identification with video snapshots
  • Information storage with video recording
  • Doc sharing with screen casting/presentations

Custom video layouts for financial services

eyeson API enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. This allows the integration of nearly every media stream directly into video meetings while letting developers configure the best fitting layout for each use case.
  • Live Participants: Agents, Clients, Executives
  • Live Data & Media: Screencasting, Co-Browsing, Videos, Contracts, Policies
  • Back- & Foreground Layer: Individual Corporate Design, Suitable Layouts
  • Example Use Case: Remote Decision Making & E-signatures


Partnership with NTT data for insurance businesses


NTT Data supports insurance companies to innovate through a new Digital Collaboration Workplace that allows agents to always stay in contact with customers by providing a guided digital workflow with permanent eye contact via video conferencing from eyeson. (read more)


Security by Design

eyeson API innovation brings more privacy and a seamless experience with the spontaneous server allocation service guaranteeing 100% GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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