More Time for Quality with Recording on Autopilot

The market for contact centers requires the highest effectiveness. Read how Record & Coach powered by eyeson will put your recording on autopilot and enable you to push your team to the next level.

FOCUS on work

Record & Coach handles the recording and makes sure it is linked in your IT.


Record & Coach gives you the tools to optimize process performance.

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device – desktop and mobile


Built With One of the Best Contact Centers

Together with one of the leading contact center solutions, we developed a module for video call recording on autopilot with built-in coaching modes. Manual processes are prone to errors. While recording is common with phone channels there are challenges when the requirements include video calling.


Call Recording on Autopilot


The two obvious reasons why you would record a call are quality management and compliance. Clearly, there are more reasons why you want to record calls more often. And very often the recording is triggered manually.

The recording autopilot will make you control the following things:

  • Legal peace of mind – capture the consent of your client
  • Send what stream you have
  • Bulletproof recording – recording happens in the cloud untouchable by the client or agent
  • Linking without thinking – recordings are saved in your systems and linked & the workflow and client
  • Mark the challenge – involve others and let them hear first-hand what the client's challenge is

Team Coaching Can be Done in Two Ways


You might also know this phenomenon: You reach a certain level and then plateau – no progress for you on any level. A coach comes in and enables you to develop the missing muscle groups, movements or team patterns.

In contact centers coaching enables team members to reach the next level of service quality. This can be productivity or caller satisfaction (or both).

One way to coach is in retrospect. The retrospective mode enables you to focus on behavioral patterns and analyze situations. Coach your agents on workflow details in one-on-ones using one or many recordings.

Real-time Coaching

Invisible Helper in Stuck Calls


The real-time mode enables you to join a call. Invisible to the customer you can support your agent in many ways:

  • Harden patterns and routines your team just learned to resolve situations faster.
  • Fix a stuck call, so your agent is not blocked.
  • Set markers you want to discuss later with the agent.

Both modes enable the contact center to speed up resolution times and push customer satisfaction to new highs.

Training on the Job

Fast Ramp-up Times


A special use case is the training on the job where the newbie is assisted by a senior agent. Ramping up to a new position or an existing project can be a fast and efficient process. This can be achieved in the most efficient way by: 

  • going through pre-recorded examples & cases
  • allowing the newbie to participate in live calls in silent mode 

The market demands high efficiency of your teams and coaching can bring them to new levels. The customers demand high effectiveness and will love you for speedy resolutions.

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