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Video meeting meets broadcasting – the moderator demo app allows you to add various sources to your eyeson meeting with the possibility to stream it to wherever you want to.

Start meeting

Start a meeting using an Eyeson WEB account or API key.

Copy guest link

Copy the guest link from the running meeting by pressing Shift + i.

Paste link & join

Paste the link in the box below and press join the meeting.

Attention! This is a proof of concept for demonstration and educational purposes and is not intended for productive use!

Invite a guest



Heads-up! For better experience, invite additional users to the meeting.


Enter a RTMP Server-URL and a stream key or name to start. You'll find this information on your preferred streaming platform.



Currently, only webm (preferred) or mp4 files, that are available through a public URL, are supported.


Recordings will always include all sources visible in the stream. (Recordings only available for 1 hour in this demo)


Snapshots will always include all sources visible in the stream.


Select the type of content you want to present in the meeting (or simply drag-and-drop files from your computer):


How it works

The ready-to-go demo for your broadcasting needs. Change graphics, logos, and colors on the fly, show documents, pictures, and videos within the powerful eyeson MCU+ video meeting. Everything is merged into a single stream – everyone sees the same.

What you can do with this demo:

  • Invite up to 100 guests with a simple link
  • No extra software or app needed
  • Define who is visible & change names
  • Add a custom logo to each participant
  • Change the background of the meeting
  • Set a broadcasting endpoint (RTMP/RTSP), e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn,
  • Record or take snapshots
  • Include various sources like pdf, image(s), audio files, or share your screen
from simple video call to video call displaying data in stream

Schedule your personal 1-1 live demo

We are happy to walk you through a live demo and answer your questions to find the perfect solution to your individual needs.