Top-notch Webcasting with Superior Quality & Security

The eyeson API fits your organization seamlessly providing a secure and scalable webcasting solution. Produce highly engaging web events for thousands of attendees worldwide.

SIMPLE API integration

 Adaptable to any use-case with a predefined web frontend 


Merge live media, data & participants into a single interface


All video services are cloud based with full scaling support world-wide

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device – desktop and mobile

Web-based API Integration

Fully engaging auto-moderated town hall meetings

Embed videos and presentations to boost the impact of town hall meetings as virtual planning and sharing space. Share company updates with employees in a secure virtual environment, gather input and manage logistics and documentation safely.

Increase focus & engagement

Share important updates, milestones and dates with employees for stronger commitment and company culture. Create a fruitful environment to share ideas, ask questions, and hold discussions.
Keep employees connected with coworkers and upper management regardless of the physical distance. Create a virtual space for sharing stories and also for socializing and small talk.
  • All video & audio feeds merged in one stream 
  • Automatic activity-based participant arrangement 
  • Fully automated - no need to share documents manually
Web-based API Integration

 Feature-rich & secure virtual events 


Stream your events live for maximum reach & engagement 


Accessibility and cyber security are our priorities. eyeson provides an excellent technology to enable interactive use cases with increased engagement on several steaming platforms without having to juggle different tools. Stream your events live easily taking advantage of flexible layouts & data visualization.

  • Interactive moderator dashboard
  • Seamless integration - go live without changing tabs
  • Live media & data merged in one stream

1-on-1 meetings with highest security and a dynamic environment 


Create a virtual space for discussing business deals comfortably and nurturing professional contact - all in an exclusive meetings dashboard. eyeson provides bulletproof security and easy access avoiding unnecessary downloads. Hold engaging meetings sharing data and rich media live - all in one interface to provide a comfortable control and management for the organizer.

  • Shared files and multimedia during live meetings
  • Customized layouts based on meeting needs
  • Highest security and 100% GDPR compliance


eyeson is being used in two ways on the platform: in the networking area for person to person video calls & live broadcast 
Web-based API Integration

Create more value with webinars in a post-pandemic world


Build lasting connections through networking


eyeson brings in real human connections through messages, 1:1 or small group video meetings directly through your own platform. Provide immersive content through keynotes and breakout sessions in dedicated virtual rooms. The unique Single Stream Technology merges Participants and multimedia live in video meetings while keeping the bandwidth low.

  • Flexible & customizable
  • Highest security and 100% GDPR compliance
  • High accessibility even in low bandwidth


Being a global project, there are certain criteria to be met: low needs both in terms of hardware and bandwidth consumption.

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