Auto-moderated Town Hall meetings

The eyeson API helps moderators maintain everyone's focus and engagement through the meeting. A unique selection algorithm, provides cloud-based auto arrangement of videos and participants based on intelligent activity tracking.

SIMPLE API integration

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Merge live media, data and participants into a single video & audio stream


All video services are cloud based with full scaling support world-wide

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device - desktop and mobile

Web-based API Integration

 Add live video and auto-moderation for fully engaging town hall meetings

Increased focus and engagement

eyeson’s patented single stream technology optimizes video conferencing streams on cloud servers transmitting to all participants in a defined layout in real-time. The eyeson technology prioritizes activity and allows refocusing of participants as needed.
  • All video & audio feeds merged in one stream 
  • Automatic activity-based participant arrangement 
  • Shared files and multimedia during live meetings

Video layout for town hall meetings

The eyeson API enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream letting you configure your own layout with:
  • Live Media: Screencasting and Playback Videos,
  • Live Data: Presentations, Surveys
  • Live Participants: Managers, Moderator, Employees
  • Example Use Case: Corporate Town Hall


Auto-moderated meetings


eyeson's intelligent algorithm brings active speakers to the virtual main stage automatically. The meeting participants are arranged by voice activity filling the free positions automatically (with persons who have their cameras on) and if someone speaks they will be shown in the stream instead of someone who is currently inactive.


Security by Design

eyeson API innovation brings more privacy and a seamless experience with the spontaneous server allocation service guaranteeing 100% GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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Merge live media, data and participants  into a single video & audio stream

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