Add Screen Sharing & Team Stream to Multiplayer Gaming

The unique Single Stream Technology enables all gamers to see the same view with minimal impact on the frames per seconds independently of gamers online.

SIMPLE API integration

 Adaptable to any use case with a predefined web frontend 


Merge live media, data & participants into a single interface


Video streams are mixed on the server - handling up to 100 participants

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device – desktop and mobile

Web-based API Integration

Merge live media & data for a fully interactive gaming experience

Revolutionizing multiplayer gaming experience

eyeson provides an API video service where multiplayer teams can see the screen of each team member at the same time during a full game play.
  • Low bandwidth even in multiplayer games
  • FPS on gaming PCs still stay high
  • All gamers see the same content the same time

Custom multiplayer video layouts for gaming 

eyeson API enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. This allows the integration of nearly every media stream directly into video meetings while letting developers configure the best fitting layout for each use case.
  • Live Participants: Gamers, Tutors
  • Live Data & Media: Up to 9 parallel Screencasts, Team Ranking & Results, Player Informations
  • Back- & Foreground Layer: Individual Design, Suitable Layouts
  • Example Use Case: Multiplayer Teamplay Support


All see the same – team gaming advantage


eyeson gives the advantage that each player can focus on his game on one screen (e.g. left screen in the picture) and see the streaming of all team members on the other screen (e.g. right screen in the picture)


Online or local remote gaming enabled with few clicks

With the eyeson presentation feature, players can easily share their screen, browser tab or application instead of their own video which enables multiplayer streaming whether it's an online or local game.

Security by Design

eyeson API innovation brings more privacy and a seamless experience with the spontaneous server allocation service guaranteeing 100% GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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