Add Live Video & Multimedia to Your Coaching Sessions

Capabilities like playback videos during live video conferencing sessions improve trainer-trainee relationships. Health and fitness-related coaching platforms can easily provide fully interactive webinars.

SIMPLE API integration

 Adaptable to any use case with a predefined web frontend 


Merge live media, data & participants into a single interface


Video streams are mixed on the server - handling up to 100 participants

100% BROWSER based

Browser-based client integration on any device - desktop and mobile

Web-based API Integration

Provide an improved coaching experiece adding live video & multimedia

Increase training performance with a simple integration

Offer a seamless online coaching experience by playing videos or live streaming to your trainees. eyeson adds real-time video to easily provide webinars with live video presentations and fully interactive discussions with their audience.
  • Information storage with video recording
  • Share multimedia during the live video call
  • Optimized resource usage due to single stream technology

Custom video layouts for coaching

eyeson API enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. This allows the integration of nearly every media stream directly into video meetings while letting developers configure the best fitting layout for each use case.
  • Live Participants: Coaches, practitioners, patients/trainees
  • Live Data & Media: Live monitoring, training schedule, exercise tutorials, training records, statistics, timer
  • Back- & Foreground Layer: Individual corporate design, suitable layouts
  • Example Use Case: Fitness and physiotherapy online sessions


Personal Covid support healthline with live video 


Provide psychological support or monitoring to Covid-19 patients remotely helping them feel supported even in isolated conditions. eyeson provides easy access for everyone from all devices understanding the need for personal contact and expertise.


Security by Design

eyeson API innovation brings more privacy and a seamless experience with the spontaneous server allocation service guaranteeing 100% GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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