Single Stream Technology


Merge live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video & audio stream

eyeson patented Single Stream Technology (SST) enables a fully interactive live video experience, by adding content, media and live data into one video stream.

eyeson’s single stream technology is patented in Europe, Germany & the US.
Single Stream Technology

Key technology to support a wide range of layouts

SST merges any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. The resulted single stream is distributed to all connected clients and guarantees that everyone sees the same. 


Layout for Medical Management

  • Live Media: Ultrasound, MRT, Live Monitoring
  • Live Data: Patient Records, Test Results, Insurance
  • Live Participants: Medical Staff, Doctors, Patients
  • Example Use Case: 24 hours patient monitoring

Layout for Multiplayer Gaming

  • Live Media: Up to 9 parallel Screencasts
  • Live Data: Team Ranking & Results, Player Informations
  • Live Participants: Gamers, Tutors
  • Example Use Case: Multiplayer Teamplay Support

Layout for Drone Applications

  • Live Media: Live Drone Video, IP surveillance camera
  • Live Data: GPS Map, Weather Information, Local Informations
  • Live Participants: Remote Team, Local Firefighters, ...
  • Example Use Case: Command & Control for Public Safety

Layout for Customer Support

  • Live Media: Live Mobile Video, Tutorial Videos, Recorded Sessions
  • Live Data: Instructions, User Manuals, Technical Data Files
  • Live Participants: Support Agents, Clients
  • Example Use Case: Troubleshooting with Live Video
Single Stream Technology (SST)

Secures high video performance

"Everyone Sees The Same" – Layout

Whether it is a video streaming client, a broadcast delivery endpoint like YouTube or a video recording/snapshot - all viewers see the same image.

Low Web-Client CPU Usage

Web-Clients need only a single connection to the remote video stream for displaying the WebRTC based Frontend.

Optimized for Broadcasting

SST enables the delivery as a broadcast to various services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and others

Low Bandwidth Usage

SST needs only 1 codec with 1-2 MBit/s for displaying the WebRTC based Frontend.

Transparent All-in-One Pricing
Independent of the number of participants and features, we charge only based on the duration of the meeting.