Single Stream Technology

Merge live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video & audio stream

eyeson patented Single Stream Technology (SST) enables a fully interactive live video experience, by adding content, media and live data into one video stream.

eyeson’s single stream technology is patented in Europe, Germany & the US.
Single Stream Technology

Key technology to support a wide range of video layouts

SST merges any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. The resulted single stream is distributed to all connected clients and guarantees that everyone sees the same as it is integrated in one single WebRTC Frontend Service. 


Layout for Medical Management

  • Live Media: Ultrasound, MRT, Live Monitoring
  • Live Data: Patient Records, Test Results, Insurance
  • Live Participants: Medical Staff, Doctors, Patients
  • Example Use Case: 24 hours patient monitoring

Layout for Multiplayer Gaming

  • Live Media: Up to 9 parallel Screencasts
  • Live Data: Team Ranking & Results, Player Informations
  • Live Participants: Gamers, Tutors
  • Example Use Case: Multiplayer Teamplay Support

Layout for Drone Applications

  • Live Media: Live Drone Video, IP surveillance camera
  • Live Data: GPS Map, Weather Information, Local Informations
  • Live Participants: Remote Team, Local Firefighters, ...
  • Example Use Case: Command & Control for Public Safety

Layout for Customer Support

  • Live Media: Live Mobile Video, Tutorial Videos, Recorded Sessions
  • Live Data: Instructions, User Manuals, Technical Data Files
  • Live Participants: Support Agents, Clients
  • Example Use Case: Troubleshooting with Live Video
Single Stream Technology (SST)

Secures high video performance

"Everyone Sees The Same" – Layout

Whether it is a video streaming client, a broadcast delivery endpoint like YouTube or a video recording/snapshot - all viewers see the same image.

Low Web-Client CPU Usage

Web-Clients need only a single connection to the remote video stream for displaying the WebRTC based Frontend.

Optimized for Broadcasting

SST enables the delivery as a broadcast to various services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and others

Low Bandwidth Usage

SST needs only 1 codec with 1-2 MBit/s for displaying the WebRTC based Frontend.

Transparent All-in-One Pricing
Independent of the number of participants and features, we charge only based on the duration of the meeting.