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Objective-driven Meetings

Tired of pointless meetings? Revamp video collaboration to eliminate pointless meetings. This whitepaper offers a framework for productive meetings with clear objectives, technology support, and result-oriented measurement. Transform your meeting culture with this approach.

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What is the Goal?

The issue with meetings today is the lack of outcomes and the overwhelming number of meetings. Some people even refer to them as meeting marathons. Common issues mentioned include their frequency, lack of focus, and failure to follow through. The solution is simple: meetings should have clear objectives and defined outcomes, allowing for easier role definition for participants.


The Path to Objective-driven Meetings

To meet objectives, meetings need careful structuring. This involves setting agendas, assigning roles, monitoring progress, and following up on action items. The three-phase approach of pre-meeting prep, focused facilitation, and post-meeting follow-up ensures accountability and drives results.

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What you get

Benefits of Objective-driven Meetings

  • Common understanding of purpose
  • Unified view of desired outcomes
  • Clear agenda facilitates efficiency
  • Reduces tangents and distractions
  • Drives decisions and action items
  • Increases executable outcomes
  • Clear owners for follow-up
  • Higher task completion likelihood
"Companies that adopt this approach will transform collaboration, unlock human potential, and gain a real competitive advantage."
Key Takeaways

5 Reasons why

Don't ask ChatGPT if you don't want to read the Whitepaper. Here are the main points.

Define objectives
Define clear objectives upfront to align participants, drive focus, and enable accountability. SMART goals provide a framework.
Structure the process
Structure meetings into pre-meeting, meeting, and post-meeting phases to fully support the objective.
Leverage technology

Leverage technology like Eyeson's API and AI to remove friction in driving and tracking goal achievement.

Measure & Refine
Quantifiable metrics show dramatic improvements in productivity, decision velocity, action item completion, and more.
Save money
Participants report much higher satisfaction along with business benefits like cost savings.

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